Lakeside Medicine Centre pharmacy was founded in 1973 by Ronald Waller who, after obtaining his Masters degree in pharmacy, was eager to put into practice some of the guiding principals of clinical pharmacy. Together with his partner Fred Behrner, they developed a store that put the patient’s health and concerns first above all else. Their patients embraced this philosophy and the partners were rewarded with many long lasting and loyal patients at their store. Through the years, the partners stuck to their ideals and refused to be swayed into the broad based retail market and away from their original concept for their store.
In 1993, they added a third partner, Greg Andreen, a lifelong resident of Kelowna and son of parents who were also pharmacists in Kelowna. With Mr. Andreen now as a partner, their store continued to flourish with their regular patients, nursing homes, and ostomy patients, as well as expanding further into home healthcare, diabetes monitors and equipment.
In 1998 Chris Waller, son of Ronald Waller was added to the partnership as Fred Behrner and Ronald Waller retired from practice at Lakeside Medicine Centre. With Mr. C. Waller now as a partner, the store further expanded into servicing many small group homes as well as distribution of medication for the Okanagan’s HIV, dialysis and Transplant patients.
To further distinguish ourselves as an innovative clinical pharmacy that is always striving to provide the best quality care for our customers and patients, Lakeside added a wound care and ostomy Nurse to our practice in April 2006. Pam Mayor brings 18 years of experience to our ostomy department and has further expanded the scope of this department by offering foot care, continence care, ostomy and wound care consultative services both in store and off site at several nursing home locations
With the addition of all of these services, the partners have never lost site of Ronald’s original clinical and patient care principals. Lakeside now boasts a large staff of 16 who are all dedicated to making patients and customers experience at Lakeside Medicine Centre a memorable one.